No Credit Check Mobile Phones For People With Bad Credit

2 Aug

If you have bad credit, it may seem that you’re the only person you know who can’t get the latest iPhone, or any mobile phone for that matter.  Mobile phone network operators want to make sure you can make the payments on your monthly contract and your handset.  You’ll be turned down for the latest phone with all the gadgets.   However, no credit check mobile phones plans offer basic models with opportunities to upgrade.

When looking for no credit check mobile phones, your best bet is to check directly with mobile phone network operators.  3 Mobile and Vodafone have earned a reputation for working with customers who have bad credit.  3 Mobile in particular is known for its Skypephone handset and its pay as you go contract.  Vodaphone’s SIM only contract doesn’t include a handset and provides only basic features.  But if you make your payments on time for just a few months, you can request an upgrade to a handset and a more inclusive contract.  Others mobile phone providers, such as Affordable Mobile Phones, offer low-end Nokia sets that provide you basic mobile phone service.

Some other things you need to remember when you apply for no credit check mobile phones is that your credit rating does impact your choices, although it can’t prevent you from getting a phone.  It’s a good idea to check your credit report to make sure there are no inaccurate listings that can result in a lower credit score.   If you prefer a monthly contract with a handset rather than a pay as you go plan, you should expect to pay a deposit up front before you begin using the phone.  The network operator wants to make sure it will get its money, so you’ll likely be asked to pay a percentage of the monthly charge as a deposit.  Once you’ve made several months of payments, the deposit will be returned to you.

Finally, be realistic and understand that an iPhone is most likely not an option for you at this time.  You’ll need to start building up a credit track record before a mobile phone network operator would want to offer you a contract for its top of the line models. Purchasing a SIM only mobile phone contract is one way to repair your credit so that you can move up from no credit check mobile phones.  When you’ve shown you can make timely payments, then you can investigate upgrading to a higher-end mobile phone.

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